Current Time TV (Настоящее Время) is a Russian-language television channel with editorial office in Prague, created by the media corporations Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty with participation of Voice of America. The channel – via RFE/RL – is funded through grants from the US Congress through the US Agency for Global Media.Representatives of the US government, including the head of the Governing Council on Broadcasting, are prohibited from interfering in the work of the channel’s journalists. The media sees its task in “promoting democratic values and institutions”. RFE/RL launched Current Time, in October 2014. The official round-the-clock broadcasting began on February 7, 2017.

Current Time was instituted as an alternative to “Kremlin-controlled media” and “Russian propaganda”.Despite the fact that Current Time was intended to counterbalance Russian official news coverage, Kenan Aliyev, executive editor of Current Time, told Reuters that C.T. was not counterpropaganda at all.

Current Time is available on cable, satellite and digital platforms in Russia, the Baltics, Ukraine, the Caucasus, and central Asia. It had over 850,000 followers on Facebook and 550,000 subscribers on YouTube in February 2019.

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