El Siete (call sign LV 89 TV) is an Argentine over-the-air television channel broadcasting from Las Heras, province of Mendoza. It is affiliated with the Channel Thirteen of Buenos Aires and America TV.
Founded on February 7, 1961, the channel started broadcasting under as an independent station until an unknown date. It uses a 20 kW Harris transmitter with a 36-meter antenna to reach most of the province, relying on translators to fill in the gaps. Channel 7 produces several local shows, including daily newscasts and public affairs programming. The station pre-empts a moderate amount of the network’s schedule, like the weekend cartoons and movies to accommodate the local shows.
Local shows
Noticiero 7 (“News 7”) – news
Informando (“Informing”) – news
Fuerza Informativa (“Informational Force”) – news
Estricta (“Strict”) – public affairs
Vino por el Vino (“He Came for the Wine”) – cultural
Videla Música Show (“Videla Music Show”) – music
Misa dominical (“Sunday Mass”) – religious
Ganá con Gisela (“Win with Gisela”) – magazine
Tardes Compartidas (“Shared Evenings”) – magazine
Gran 7 (“Great 7”) – contests
Canal 7 con Vos (“Channel 7 with you”) – contests
La Galera del Mago Zzin (“The Wizard Zzin’s galley”) – children
Conociendo (“Knowing”) – educative
Habitar y la Actualidad (“Dwelling and the News”) – educative
Ovación (“Sports news”) – sports
Pasan Cosas (“Things happen”) – public affairs
¿A quién le importa? (“Who cares?”) – contests
Séptimo Día (“Seventh day”) – politic
¡Hola País! (“Hello Country!”) – magazine
Caminando Mendoza (“Walking Mendoza”) – educative
Mix (“Mix”) – cultural
Siete y Medio (“Seven and a half”) – magazine
Tómbola Combinada de Mendoza (“Lottery from Mendoza”) – cultural
Hecho en Mendoza (“Made in Mendoza”) – science
Criollos de Raza (“Race creoles”) – educative
Ayer y Hoy (“Yesterday and Today”) – documental
Entre Sabores (“Between flavors”) – food
Actividad Económica (“Economic activity”) – general