Rajya Sabha Television (RSTV) is a parliamentary TV channel fully owned and operated by the Upper House of Parliament of India i.e. Rajya Sabha. The channel provides in-depth coverage and analysis of parliamentary affairs especially the functioning of and developments related to Rajya Sabha.

Rajya Sabha TV (RSTV) is a cable television network channel owned and operated by Rajya Sabha that covers the proceedings of Rajya Sabha (the Upper House of the Parliament of India). Apart from telecasting live coverage of Rajya Sabha proceedings, RSTV also brings incisive analysis of parliamentary affairs. While focusing on current national and international affairs, it provides a platform for knowledge-based programmes for the discerning viewer. The channel offers special attention to legislative business undertaken by the Parliament.

Currently, the CEO of Rajya Sabha TV is Manoj Pandey.

Rajya Sabha TV has produced the 10-part TV mini-series Samvidhaan, which was directed by the noted film director Shyam Benegal.

Rajya Sabha TV has also produced a tele-serial and film, Raag Desh, on the trial of Indian National Army officers during British rule. The serial/ film was directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia.

Rajya Sabha TV is among a few bi-lingual channels in India, telecasting in the most popular language in India, i.e. Hindi (which is also India’s official language) and English.

Rajya Sabha TV telecasts 7 news bulletins, 4 in Hindi and 3 in English. Rest of its programming consists of daily and weekly shows, and special programmes.

The following is a list of programmes that are telecast on daily/ weekly basis on Rajya Sabha TV:

Vishesh: daily (Mon-Fri) feature programme, which analyses a topical issue in detail, in Hindi.
In Depth: daily (Mon-Fri) feature programme, which analyses a topical issue in detail, in English.
Desh Deshantar: daily (Mon-Sat) programme, which discusses a topic of current national or international importance with experts in the field, in Hindi.
Big Picture: daily (Mon-Sat) programme, which discusses an important national or international current topic with experts in the field, in English.
Pulse: weekly audience-based programme on current issues, in English.
Sarokar: weekly audience-based panel discussion on current social issues, in Hindi.
Ayushman Bhav: weekly programme on health matters in which audience questions are also taken, in Hindi.
Aapkka Kanoon: weekly show in which legal experts discuss common legal issues and guide viewers how to deal with them. Audience queries are also taken during the programme, in Hindi.
Laws in the Making: weekly feature show on important bills in different stages of their journey in Parliament or its committees, in English.
Virasat: biopic series on the life and work of eminent personalities in the field of art, literature, culture and film, in Hindi.
Guftagoo: weekly talk show with eminent personalities in the fields of culture and music, in Hindi.
Indian Standard Time: weekly interview-based show with visiting foreign dignitaries and intellectuals.
India’s World: weekly programme covering major world events of the week, in discussion with diplomats and analysts, in English.
Policy Watch: weekly show featuring discussion of policy matters, in English.
Shakhsiyat: weekly show of conversation with eminent personalities in the fields of culture and music, in Hindi.
Arthniti: weekly interview-based show with key decision makers and analysts regarding topical subjects in the field of economy, in Hindi.
Sara Jahan: weekend television magazine of major international events of the week, in Hindi.
Security Scan: weekly discussion-based programme on defence matters, in English.
Important features and achievements
Rajya Sabha TV is a ‘must carry’ channel in India, and all television service providers (Direct to Home as well as cable TV providers) must carry this channel, as mandated in the advisory issued by the Indian government in 2015 and still in force.

In recent years, Rajya Sabha TV has gained prominence among Indian news and current affairs television channels. Its YouTube channel now has over 4 million subscribers[8], much ahead of other channels in the same/ similar niches. Now about a million subscribers are added every six months. Some of its shows have been viewed millions of times on YouTube.

On BARC, the audience measurement system for television channels in India, daily programmes of Rajya Sabha TV figure among the top viewed programmes.

The telecast of live proceedings of the Rajya Sabha (the upper house of Indian parliament) done by Rajya Sabha TV is carried live by most other channels in their news telecasts, without cost or attribution unless used in programmes.

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