Al Kahera Wal Nas is a satellite channel owned by Tarek Nour Holdings. The channel is based in Mohandesin. It first aired in 2012. The channel provides mainly entertainment and also news related programs.

El-Nas (Arabic: قناة الناس‎) (also spelt Al-Nas or Elnas and Alnas, meaning “The People Channel”) is an Egyptian television station founded in January 2006 and broadcast from Cairo until the Deposition of Mohammed Morsi.

Founded by Saudi investor Mansour bin Kadsa (alt. Mansur Bin Kadasah), Al-Nas began as a channel mostly for Arabic pop songs and dream interpretation shows. After a few months, Al-Nas shifted its focus to religious contents that targeted audiences who seeks religious knowledge, with numbers of high-profile Salafi preachers featured daily on various religious shows.

Before shutdown, it was one of the most popular channels in Egypt. As of 2015, Al-Nas has been relaunched.

El-Nas (and other Salafi TV stations) were accused by human rights organisations for hosting Islamist sheikhs and preachers that encouraged anti-Shi’ism and sectarian violence in Egypt.

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