Canal 8 (Canal Ocho) is a regional TV channel broadcasting from San Juan for the province of San Juan. The Channel was founded in 1964. It is operated by Grupo America.

Channel 8 of San Juan (occasionally known as El Ocho) is an Argentine open television channel that broadcasts from the Province of San Juan. It is operated by Grupo América, it was inaugurated in 1964 and it is the first private television signal of a private nature to be broadcast in the province.

The station was born by the hand of local businessmen, among them its founder Jorge Enrique Estornell stands out, who I can invest to realize the project of the first local television channel in the province and be one of the oldest in telling it. Its first official broadcast was on May 2, 1964 although the first test issues were made since April 18 of that same year. In that time it transmitted in a fragmented way from 12 to 14 and then from 18 to 24 where its programming was only of programs broadcast from the thirteen. Two years later, local programming began.

The channel quickly gained popularity among viewers, who had only one option up to that point. The studios are still located in the center of the city of San Juan as well as its transmission plant located on the sixth floor of the building. As a reason for its anniversary n ° 50 on April 29, 2014 the signal aired some short stories alluding to the history of the channel.

The Signal
The signal covers the entire Gran San Juan, further comprising the city of San Juan and departments Rawson, Rivadavia, Chimbas and Santa Lucia. Also coming to the departments of the south as Pocito and Sarmiento, those of the north as Albardón, Angaco and Ullum, the East Side Caucete, San Martin, 25 De Mayo and 9 De Julio.

The station has relay stations so its signal also reaches the farthest departments. The station has relay stations so its signal also reaches the farthest departments. There repeaters in several locations thus covering the whole province of

San Juan:

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